Beti Vervega
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At Beti’s studio you will find a very friendly environment and an artist with lot of life experience to share. Her oil paintings are lively colored, but her sensitivity is translated into a deep graphic expression.






Beti Vervega inherited her parents talent. Her father, a professional photographer, used to work, next to her mother, in his own studio. During her childhood she loved painting and she took private art lessons. After graduating high-school she follows the mural painting lessons organised by the Romanian Patriarchy. She obtains a degree and paints the inside of the church in Boș, Hunedoara County, using al fresco style. In 1990 she enters the six years Painting Classes at Luceafărul Art Academy. In 1997 she varnishes her first personal exhibition at Galla Gallery in Bucharest. Two years later she leaves to Africa, together with her family, an experience that will completely change her life and her art perspective: family and love – two of the most precious gifts from God – become now the most important aspects of her life. In 2004 she initiates her first interior design projects. In 2008 she launches her first artist catalogue, together with her personal exhibition, ”Step”. She is married and she has one child. She loves to write and to travel; recently she is very interested in ecology and nutrition.
< Beti Vervega is mainly interested in colour, its energy being directed towards the most unpredictable art works > – Pavel Șușara, art critic, the “Light and colours” space, 1996. < Through her unique style, the artist has made us think more of the graphic side of the art, since she has been mainly focusing on the ”sign”, the “line”, as the pivotal element of her art. Nevertheless, it is a drawing backed up by colour. Had the focus been laid on the colour itself, its hues or, the depth of the colours, then the whole “balance” would have tilted towers painting. It goes without saying that the artist uses technical means for oil painting, but her sensibility is drawn more towards a graphic rendition of a particular idea > – Luminița Batali, “Galla” gallery 1997.
< In spite of all difficulties, I consider my African period another start in my art – I did acquire a greater simplicity of the pictorial surface and approached a new chromatic > < I think that the period I entitled Spaces was quite difficult, though it proved benefic from many points of view. It made me rearrange priorities and simplify my life. The work on the pictorial surface acquired a different meaning > < By bringing nature at our place, by growing flowers, plants, even small trees, we become calmer, more sympathetic, more generous. If you have ever saved, taken care and loved a flower, you have certainly been rewarded by the way the flower was grateful to you >
Beyond the discontinuous circumstances of existence, for Beti Vervega, the sudio is a place of hard work and self-control. You won’t find in her studio still-life cherished objects or different sketches “processing” a visual pretext. In its plastic contents, her studio is highly introspective, it bears some strong experimenting influence.

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