Into the artist’s world
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What is great about visiting the artists is that each studio reveals a completely different world. We found that during our tour on 21st of January. You are outside, it’s sleet, crowded with people in a great hurry and lot of fidgety high-speed driven cars, and you finally find your refuge inside this silent and sunny universe of the artist. You are surprised because you’d never guess at the first glance what the old and somehow unappealing building hides inside. And what do you find? 

A ceramist who’s simply enjoying art and who’s not afraid of creating exaggerated shapes of voluptuous cat-headed women, as a way of protesting against the opulence of nowadays society. Lucian blames the so-called day-by-day ‘normality’ (corrupt politicians, half-naked celebrities on TV), but he does it while keeping a large smile on his face. He models the clay with his hands, with maximum care, and definitely with a lot of dedication.

A young hard-working painter who loves landscape and still life paintings. Bogdan‘s patience and attention to details were inspired by his father, Constantin, also a painter whom he works with side by side in the same studio. Shy at the beginning, they quickly become more confident and tell captivating stories about Constantin painting for Ceaușescu, the Romanian dictator, or about Bogdan making his first brush strokes when he was only five.

A weaver lady, always charming and friendly, with elegant gestures and warm voice. Cela‘s tapestries sum an immense amount of work, some of them needed even more than one year to be completed. Her tiny studio shelters not only great art tapestries, but also the heart of a great woman who remains modest, even if the valuable awards and the medals received during her career are shinning on the wall.

The end of the tour found us at Saint George’s New Church, an architectural masterpiece raised by Constantin Brâncoveanu, one of the greatest kings Vallachia had at the beginning of the 18th century. He established a new architectural style (‘stil brâncovenesc’), influenced by both Reinaissance and neo-byzantine trends.

When such a various urban art scene opens up for you, you don’t even notice that the snow flakes turned into rain drops. Your hands aren’t cold anymore, they somehow play right now with an imaginary piece of clay. Welcome to the artist’s world!


2 Responses to “Into the artist’s world”

  1. Florentina says:

    Mircea you wrote a wonderful review about the tour you organized on 21st of January. Indeed, for few hours we entered in the special world of the passion for ART.
    Thank you.

    • Mircea says:

      Thank you, Florentina. Thanks for not giving up joining us and coming straight to the first art studio we visited.

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