Mirela Trăistaru
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Born in Bistrita and a graduate of the “Romulus Ladea” Plastic Arts High School and of “Ioan Andeescu” Plastic Arts Academy from Cluj, artist Mirela Traistaru is already familiar to Romanian audience not only through her numerous personal and group exhibitions, but also through a rich theatre, cinema and television activity (costumes and settings), through her participation in international festivals, fashion shows, seminars and creation workshops. She has works in private collections from Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, the US, India, Japan, Egypt, Bulgaria, South Korea.
< text > – Pavel Șușara, art critic, the “Light and colours” space, 1996. < text > – Luminița Batali, “Galla” gallery 1997.
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2 Responses to “Mirela Trăistaru”

  1. Greg Maddox says:

    Is there a tour for Mirela Traistaru, if so I would like to book one for two people myself and my daughter. I will be in Bucharest from 22nd to 28th, I think I saw a Saturday tour with a sculptor and Mirela for 15 euros

    • Mircea says:

      Hello Greg, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tour scheduled at Mirela’s studio on this week. Please let us know if you want to visit other available artists from our list.

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