Our first artists’ tour
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The studio of the artist shows a unique world built within creation. Each studio is different from another, and when you have the chance of visiting several of them in the same day, you must consider yourself privileged. We, Mircea and Simona from ‘Art In Bucharest‘, together with other nine companions, visited on 7th of January 2012 five remarkable artists: two painters and three ceramists.

The first one on the itinerary was Gherghina Costea’s studio, where we found a very welcoming host. She presented us her amazing collections of white porcelain objects, ceramic icons and special golden and platinum covered earrings. It was so nice of her to serve us hot tea, so well deserved on such rainy day! She had the patience of showing us how to work with clay, some of us even managed to make few flower petals.

When we met Vasile Murivale, the painter, we thought we passed into Renaissance century and found Michelangelo. He has a warm and pure voice, keeping a juvenile appearance despite his long white beard. He explained us he creates art following his instinct, not being afraid of modernist influences. He started to paint in order to get away from loneliness. As a result, art gave him back a big heart and a deep soul. We liked that. Lucian Țăran invited us in his ceramics studio to realise art is actually… fun. He doesn’t care that much of other people’s opinions, he creates just to express his feelings, either they are anger or inner peace. And he knows how to enjoy it. He impressed us with his knowledge about history of art, same with our next visited artist, Cristina Bolborea. She is inspired by the famous Dutch painter, Vermeer, and by Persian art. She creates outstanding ceramic carpets, which are placed all over her studio, the loft of her own house. The house itself is impressive and a must-see.

The best part was waiting at the end of our tour, when we met Silvia Radu, an extremely spiritual painter, both funny and friendly with our large group. Without anybody asking her, she served us fresh salad and homemade cheese, after which we had house wine and cake. We had beautiful and precious conversations about painting, churches or revolution. We felt indeed like home and we somehow forgot how tired we were after such a long and beautiful day.

It is good to know Bucharest is rich in art, rich in valuable and welcoming artists. Now, we just cannot wait to see more!


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