Pottery mastery
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Art in Bucharest visited The Romanian Peasant Museum (’MTR’) for a special exhibition about Romanian traditional pottery. The artist who presented art objects made during his lifetime is Dumitru Șchiopu, one of the last pottery artisans from Vlădeștii de Vâlcea.

What we loved about the event was the care the organizers showed in arranging the most important parts of the collection. We saw objects ranging from small whistles made during the artist’s childhood (he did even more than 100 per day!!) to different types of pots having beautiful floral ornaments. Dumitru is too old now, he couldn’t travel to Bucharest, but his son-in-law Eugen Pătru came and even gave the audience a sample of ‘how to do’ pottery. Eugen is a simple and a very gifted artist, since all his pottery making knowledge comes from his tutor, Dumitru. He was very friendly, especially to the kids who were sneaking around his wheel table.

Vlădești Pottery has an immense story to tell, coming back from generations of artists. We can only wish to go there soon and discover its secrets!

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