Art tour in Pangratti
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‘Art in Bucharest’ will show you one of the most remarkable art neighborhoods in the city. Are you ready?

During the tour we will visit Silvia Radu, a sculptor who will show us how angels can be made and Mirela Trăistaru, a painter who will explain us how to paint on different surfaces, from oil and furniture to body painting. They are incredible artists with many secrets to share. We will also find time to walk through beautiful streets guarded by old lordly houses. At the end we will visit a museum which is actually a house that belonged to a famous art collector. It stores the paintings of some of the most important Romanian painters of all time. You cannot miss this tour!


  • Saturday
  • 3 hours length (11:00-14:00)
  • price: 80 RON (18 EUR)
  • meet: at 10:45, Aviatorilor metro station, next to the exit with Charles de Gaulle building
  • visiting two art studios (painting, sculpture)
  • in one or both studios there is the chance of practical involvement (‘do it yourself’)
  • walking tour through the city’s old neighborhood
  • observing and discussing the local architecture


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Please book a tour with at least two days in advance.


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